Baronage: Landed Barons and Baronesses of Lochac

‘MacDonald of the Isles’ by Robert Ronald MacIan, circa 1845. Source.

The current landed Baronages of Lochac are (in order of invest date):

Historical information on past Baronages and statistics about tenure lengths are also available.

Shaykh ibn Jelal (he/him) and La Baronessa Juliana de Northwood (she/her) of Rowany
(Invested 23 Oct 2022)

Baron Haos Windchaser (he/him) and Baroness Bryony Beehyrd (she/her) of Innilgard
(Invested 30 Jun 2019)

Baron Dimitrii Borodinskii (he/him) and Baroness Josseline de la Cour (she/her) of River Haven
(Invested 05 Nov 2016)

Baron Agostino Tamburri (he/him) and Baroness Elizabeth Rowe (she/her) of Aneala
(Invested 23 Jun 2018)

Baron Leif Magnússon (he/him) and Baroness eleanora de la birche (she/her) of Stormhold
(Invested 28 Aug 2021)

Baron David de Darlington (he/him) and Baroness Arabella de Darlington (she/her) of Ynys Fawr
(Invested 07 Mar 2020)

Sir Ysambart Courtin (he/him) and Mistress Joie Tigre d'Argentona (she/her) of Politarchopolis
(Invested 04 Mar 2023)

Baron Grim of Thornby (he/him) and Baroness Alexandra de Santiago (she/her) of Southron Gaard
(Invested 25 Jan 2020)

Baron William Montrose (he/him) and Lady Lovet Dangerus (she/her) of St Florian de la Rivière
(Invested 12 Jun 2021)

Baron Domenego Farrante / Svartr Ormsson (he/him) and Baroness Maerwynn aet Maedwe (she/her) of Ildhafn
(Invested 29 Oct 2022)

Baron Thomas Bacchus (he/him) and Lady Mildryth Thomaswyf (she/her) of Mordenvale
(Invested 03 Oct 2020)

Baron Jon Dai of the Lane () and Baroness Margie of Glen More (she/her) of Kraé Glas
(Invested 12 Sep 2020)

The order of precedence of the Baronies as defined in Kingdom Law is:
Rowany, Innilgard, River Haven, Aneala, Stormhold, Ynys Fawr, Politarchopolis, Southron Gaard, St Florian de la Rivière, Ildhafn, Mordenvale, Kraé Glas.