Baronage: Landed Barons and Baronesses of Lochac

‘MacDonald of the Isles’ by Robert Ronald MacIan, circa 1845. Source.

The current landed Baronages of Lochac are (in order of invest date):

Baron Dimitrii Borodinskii (he/him) and Baroness Josseline de la Cour (she/her) of River Haven
(Invested 5th Nov 2016)

Baron Sympkyn of the Moor (he/him) and Baroness Elyna Delynor (she/her) of Ildhafn
(Invested 24th Nov 2017)

Baron Agostino Tamburri (he/him) and Baroness Elizabeth Rowe (she/her) of Aneala
(Invested 23rd Jun 2018)

Baroness Anne de Tournai (she/her) of Politarchopolis
(Invested 1st Dec 2018)

Baron Stigh Joghensson (he/him) and Baroness Cairistiona nic Bheathain (she/her) of Rowany
(Invested 8th Dec 2018)

Baron Haos Windchaser (he/him) and Baroness Bryony Beehyrd (she/her) of Innilgard
(Invested 30th Jun 2019)

Baron Grim of Thornby (he/him) and Baroness Alexandra de Santiago (she/her) of Southron Gaard
(Invested 25th Jan 2020)

Baron David de Darlington (he/him) and Baroness Arabella de Darlington (she/her) of Ynys Fawr
(Invested 7th Mar 2020)

Baron Jon Dai of the Lane () and Baroness Margie of Glen More (she/her) of Kraé Glas
(Invested 12th Sep 2020)

Baron Thomas Bacchus (he/him) and Lady Mildryth Thomaswyf (she/her) of Mordenvale
(Invested 3rd Oct 2020)

Baron William Montrose (he/him) and Lady Lovet Dangerus (she/her) of St Florian de la Rivière
(Invested 12th Jun 2021)

Baron Leif Magnússon (he/him) and Baroness eleanora de la birche (she/her) of Stormhold
(Invested 28th Aug 2021)

The order of precedence of the Baronies as defined in Kingdom Law is:
Rowany, Innilgard, River Haven, Aneala, Stormhold, Ynys Fawr, Politarchopolis, Southron Gaard, St Florian de la Rivière, Ildhafn, Mordenvale, Kraé Glas.

Historical information on past Baronages and statistics about tenure lengths are also available.