These are some documents that may be useful to current and prospective Barons & Baronesses (note: some live in a password-protected location):


Guides to being Baron & Baroness

  • A Guide for Barons and Baronesses by Hrolf Herjolfssen (first Baron Ynys Fawr), uploaded 2003 – Guide for B&Bs v2
  • Care and feeding of your pet Baroness by Acacia of Navarre concerning her then-Baroness; 2003 – CaringAndFeedingYourBaroness
  • Varied notes on Conflict Resolution in Small Groups by Bartholomew Baskin, 2005 – Conflict
  • Random links and resources to provide ideas to actual or potential B&Bs on their role and how to go about it. Gathered by Bartholomew and katherine, 2005-6. – BaronialOrientation
  • How to Deal With Individuals who Target you in their Drama, by Isobel le Bretoun, 2007. – drama
  • Our Credo – Thoughts on the role of B&B by Bartholomew and Catherine – Our Credo
  • Regnumator – Your secret friend, by Dimitrii Borodinskii – Regumator

Scrolls & Reports


  • Lochac Group and Region Population Histories – late 2004 to late 200 – Bartholomew – LochacPopulation
  • Canton vs. Shire – pros and cons for those considering group formation or evolution by Bartholomew and katherine, 2008. – cantonVRSshire
  • Good explanation of different officer roles – Officer Job Descriptions
  • Lochac Procedures Manual = Lochac Procedures